About Us

Hello! We’re Body Breakfast & we are a group of three friends creating coffee (caffeinated) based skin care & body beauty brand using combination of natural & premium quality ingredients.
Our products are all derived from the best of what nature has to offer, using premium and luxurious ingredients like jojoba oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and macadamia oil to hydrate and soften skin, as well as coffee, coconut oil , cacao, honey, dead sea salts & brown sugars to help nourish & clean your body in a gentle way.

We first discovered coffee was in 2014 while we are having "Yam Cha" session in a café like what Malaysian always do. (If you don’t know what is the meaning of Yam Cha… we guess you’re not Malaysian) At that time we would like to start up a online business together using coffee as we believe drinking a cup of coffee gets you that internal coffee boost, rubbing your skin with a soap or cream that contains coffee probably also promises a whole set of benefits that make coffee a favorite skin’s drink.

Using 2 years of research, visiting forums & reading articles that is using coffee / caffeine on beauty, we had managed to figure out our first online business – Body Breakfast Coffee Scrub. We first viewed it as a part-time sort of thing which we could invest some time into on the side. As more & more customers coming back to us for the single products, we wanted to launch more of them and of a large scale. From there, we went on to diversifying to more range of products using the same method which is using coffee as our main ingredients. 

We started Body Breakfast it in Oct 2016 primarily because we was tired of using beauty products that harmful to the skin. Since that was the case, we needed create own natural skin care brand & wanted educate more people on choosing the right skincare products for their skin.  Ensuring customers satisfaction is our main concern, this is why it’s so important that we created these products to be safe, toxic free & affordable for everyone to enjoy the healthy & home benefits of natural healthy living.

“ If you would like more information on how coffee based skincare can transforming your skin to a better & healthier looking skin, very much like how we did it, feel free to get in touch with us! “