When do you need a lip scrub?

When do you need a lip scrub?

A youthful complexion is something that we all desire and healthy-looking lips are there to frame your gorgeous smile. Taking care of your lips is one of the best ways to fight the signs of ageing. Using lip scrubs keeps your luscious lips looking healthy and keeps them wonderfully hydrated. To achieve this youthful and fresh look, coffee-based scrubs are perfect for the job. Caffeine has many healing properties and direct application to the skin means you’ll get the full benefits of the nutrients and antioxidants contained in Coffee. Kiss goodbye to dull or chapped lips with the addition of a lip scrub to your beauty care routine.  The time of year and the seasons will offer their own challenges when it comes to looking after your skin. 

Winter v Summer
Chapped lips are an unfortunate gift from mother nature during winter time. No matter how well we wrap up the effects of the cold weather can take a toll. The cold and wind dry out skin leaving it looking pale and tired. The moisturizing agents in a coffee-based lip scrub can effectively reduce the effects of winter with its dose of healthy antioxidants and other proteins. During winter you’ll want to exfoliate ad emolliate 2 to 3 times a week to alleviate cracked and chapped lips.

Summer offers the warmth of sunshine, but harmful UV rays can damage skin cells leaving lips looking dry and coarse. A lip scrub hydrates and moisturizes to relieve the dry and sometimes burnt, stinging feeling your lips get from a day spent in the sunshine. The lower lip tends to take most of the brunt as it usually protrudes out slightly further. Lips have quite a thin layer of skin, to begin with so it's important to make they get the right protection from the sun and aftercare treatment. 

Why use a lip scrub?
The purpose behind using a lip scrub is to remove the dead and unwanted skin that looks uncomfortable and can sometimes feel sore. Lip scrubs contain both an exfoliant and an emollient, so you get two actions for the price of one. Removing the dead skin cells leaves your lips looking fuller, smoother and younger. Dead skin cells can dull the skin taking away your usual gorgeous glow. Lip scrubs can help to reduce any swelling of the lips, so they look more natural and give you the confidence to keep smiling. 

Why use a coffee-based lip scrub?
Coffee is a secret beauty weapon for fighting chapped and cracked lips. It’s perfect for rehydration using antioxidants and making your lips look fuller and healthier. It gives the skin a more even tone and has anti-inflammatory properties. If you want to look and feel confident when you smile, then using a lip scrub, especially one with a coffee base is perfect. Using a lip scrub 2 – 3 times a week as part of your beauty care routine is a simple and easy addition.

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