The benefits of using a clay mask

The benefits of using a clay mask

Clay masks don’t have to be something you treat yourself to at the spa! The wonderful effects of a clay mask can be easily added to your beauty care routine. Clay masks are perfect for giving your skin a healthy boost of vitamins and minerals and letting your natural glow radiate. 

Unclog your pores 
Oily skin and acne are not just reserved just for those with younger skin. A small amount of oil helps to keep the skin soft and smooth but for those who have a naturally oily complexion, it can leave the skin looking shiny and greasy. Clay masks are easily able to absorb excess oil without leaving skin feeling dry and tight, leaving your pores free to breathe and hydrate.

Remove unwanted toxins 
Clay is credited with having natural detoxification properties and even has a strong negative electrical charge. When a clay mask is applied directly to the skin this charge is able to bind with those unwanted toxins and remove them. Dead skin cells contain dirt, oil, and waste build up which gathers on the surface of your skin. If dead skin is left for too long it can lead to dreaded breakouts. Using a clay mask two or three times a week to exfoliate naturally purifies and works wonders with helping you to keep your facial appearance looking fresh and smooth.

Antibacterial properties
Clay is also able to bind with harmful bacteria and toxins like free radicals. If hydrated clay is applied to the skin and left to dry, it sucks up the bacteria. This brings all the waste to the surface leaving you free to wash it all away. Clay masks work as a natural antibiotic and it can work wonders on skin inflammations or complaints like eczema and dermatitis. It’s super effective and promotes healthy, vibrant looking skin.

Improve your circulation  
Clay is able to remove hydrogen from skin cells which means there’s much more room for oxygen. Oxygen creates improved circulation, rejuvenation of cells. As the masks sits on the skin it releases a wealth of nutrients to combat skin fatigue. It also increases the blood flow to the areas around the eyes and can reduce puffiness or brighten tired looking eyes. Keeping your skin hydrated using clay masks is one of the best ways to fight the signs of ageing. 

Brighten up your skin 

The ability to saturate skin one of the awesome benefits of clay masks. By saturating the skin with the nutrients the body needs to keep the skin smooth. Clay masks are filled with all the minerals skin craves which smooths and cleanses your complexion. 

Take control of how your skin looks and feels by simply adding a clay mask to your beauty care ritual. Using the masks also gives you the opportunity to make the most of some much-needed downtime. Helping you to reduce stress which can also be a factor in how our skin behaves. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to beautiful, glowing skin.


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