How Coffee Scrub Works For Your Acne?

How Coffee Scrub Works For Your Acne?

Getting an acne definitely puts you in a panic mode: vigorously washing the face and covering them up with heaps of concealer and to wonder continuously where you did wrong to your skin, you wonder what’s the best way to avoid getting acne in the first place. Well, have you thought about a coffee scrub can be the right remedy for your acne? Read on.

The Basic About Acne

Let’s get the basic’s first: acne (also known as pimple, zit, blemish, or unnecessary-addition-to-the-skin) forms whenever there’s a combination of dirt, product buildup, excess sebum, and dead skin cells that get trapped in the pore. Over time the gunk starts to accumulate as in whitehead, before getting oxidized (after exposure to air) and turns into a blackhead.

Eventually bacteria start to thrive on the skin’s surface and into the pore, causing inflammation, redness, and infection that we know as acne.

In a way, all skin types suffer from acne one time or another, but usually the ones with oily and/or sensitive skin prone to get acne.

Of course, there are remedies and topical ointments that you can use to treat the acne and in this article we are here to list why coffee scrub can be a wonderful solution for your acne problems.

How Using a Coffee Scrub Works For My Acne

Coffee Scrub Is a Natural Exfoliant

As coffee scrub is, well, a scrub, it works well to exfoliate your skin, purging off dead skin cells, excess sebum, dirt, makeup residues, and impurities that’s sitting on top of the skin. The good thing about coffee scrub is it works to do the job as a scrub, and yet gentle enough to not leave your skin red and raw. That means coffee scrub is suitable for all skin types!

And get this: it doesn’t matter if you have acne on the face; you can use coffee scrub to exfoliate and treat your acne issues from anywhere on your body too.

Coffee Has Antibacterial And Astringent Properties

And in another angle, the coffee itself also have an anti-bacterial properties, making it a useful feature to kill off acne-causing germs - the major cause of your acne.

Plus, the tannins in the coffee cause the skin cells constrict to reduce redness and inflamed skin - a common symptom with acne, especially with the cyst and pustule types of acne.

Caffeine Improves Blood Flow

The caffeine content in the coffee also helps your acne issues by increasing blood flow to the applied area. This means it brings fresh blood loaded with nutrients and oxygen, as well as flushing out toxins away from the skin that’s causing your acne.

Coffee Is Rich In Antioxidants

A notable feature in coffee, antioxidant phenols works to heal the inflamed skin surrounding the acne, and reducing the appearance and redness of the acne until it smooth away for good.

Honestly, no one should have a prolonged effect of acne on the skin, especially in the days where you need to talk with others - the acne itself is simply unsightly. So we’re hopeful that using a coffee scrub can help to solve your acne issues, and even prevent it from happening again.

Here’s to acne-free skin!

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