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Coffee grounds make for more than just helping you start your day with a nice jolt of caffeine. They can also be used as a very highly effective exfoliating scrub to help you deal with acne and skin problems on any part of your body.

Making the coffee scrub is very easy. Simply acquire ground coffee in whichever way you prefer, and then add it to a cup of water or your favorite moisturizer. Use it as you would any other scrub, and apply it on your face and other affected areas, gently scrubbing in circular motions. Take note not to scrub too hard, especially if you have highly sensitive skin, as with any exfoliant, you may cause more harm than good when scrubbing hard. From your face, to your back, coffee grounds make a great and effective scrub, especially when coupled with other ingredients such as lemons.

Some people opt to use it much like a mask after they finish scrubbing with it. This is much more common with those that opt to add in other ingredients. When coffee grounds are coupled with other ingredients commonly found in other home remedies for how to get rid of acne, the deep cleaning of the coffee allows those other ingredients to penetrate your skin much more effectively, increasing the effectiveness of other remedies by orders of magnitudes. Many agree that coffee grounds on their own are highly effective, but adding that little something extra really helps to get the job done much quicker.



The coffee ground scrub method has been used highly successfully to help individuals suffering from dry skin, scabs left from pimples, flakiness, blemishes, redness, and inflammation. It also serves to tighten pores, dry out pimples, and returning the oil levels on the surface of your skin to their natural amounts, reducing the chances of further acne development.

Most people have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of their skin, and a reduction of acne after as little as a week's worth of regular use. Prolonged use continued to keep acne away, as well as help even out skin tones that may have been affected by acne.

All in all, this is DIY method on how to get rid of acne that you owe yourself to try immediately. 

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