3 Coffee Scrub Recipes For Every Part Of Your Body

3 Coffee Scrub Recipes For Every Part Of Your Body

All this time we had coffee frappes, not knowing how the coffee grounds works wonderfully for our skin as well. Coffee scrub is definitely something that you need to have as part of your skin care routine, and here are some variation of the recipe, that you can use for each part of your body.

Coffee Scrub For Face

Use coffee scrub as your exfoliation routine to rejuvenate your skin, de-puff any bloating, and simply soothes your skin. Plus, this remedy works for acne too!

You can mix a tablespoon of ground coffee with equal amounts of cocoa powder, and whole milk and make it into a paste, as a rejuvenating, healing face mask. Let it dry before washing it off, so the each of the ingredient can deliver the benefits to your skin.

You can also use coffee grounds as an exfoliator - the coffee scrub’s texture works wonders to purge out dead skin cells, improving circulation, and draws out toxins from the skin, giving you a glowing effect.

Simply mix brown sugar and coffee grounds (1 tablespoon each) with half tablespoon of oil (choose between olive, coconut, or almond) and use it as both face and body scrub (sugar-based scrub is quite gentle for you to use on both face and body, just make sure not to strong if you have fragile skin).

Coffee Scrub For Hair

As coffee is packed with antioxidant, it makes a wonderful hair mask that you can use once a week, as the antioxidant works from the root to tip, to heal and restore damaged hair for a healthier, stronger one.

Mix equal amounts of coffee grounds with water (double if you have long hair) and apply it liberally onto your hair (rub them thoroughly into your scalp) and wrap it in a shower cap. Leave the mask dry before washing it off with warm water.

Coffee Scrub For Body

And definitely, you can use a coffee scrub for the whole body, and it’s a perfect, proven remedy if you have cellulite as well. The caffeine contained in coffee works by drawing out excess water and toxins, and boosting blood flow at the same time to smooth out cellulite.

Mix a cup coffee grounds with brown sugar and coconut oil (half a cup each) and massage the affected area in circular motion around 20 seconds. For best result, do the routine after a warm shower/bath to help the skin to soften a bit, for effective exfoliation.

Tip: you can add a bit of sea salt to give the scrub mixture a boost, handy if you have oily skin, or in areas where dead skin accumulates more than usual such as feet, knees, and elbows. 

Coffee scrub is undoubtedly what you need to add in your skin care cabinet, ASAP. Click here to find a selection of organic, natural coffee grounds that you can use from head to toe beauty routine. From coconut, honey, cocoa, or simply coffee scrub, you’ll find the right mix for your skin.

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